1 Follicular Unit (FU) is 1 hair root or 1 graft; can produce 1-
3 hair(s).
     Strip Harvesting is cutting or splitting hair roots from the
donor site under local anesthesia. The wound is then sutured
back together and this piece of scalp tissue is then cut to
small grafts that are transplanted back into the thinning area
of the client’s head. Will produce a very small linear scar in
the back of the ear that is easily hidden by your hair.
     F.U.E. is follicular unit extraction; individual hair roots are
extracted from the donor area and then reinserted back to the
scalp in the thinning area.
Clients require a minimum of 3 days in Bangkok.
     1st day: consultation for about 1 hour.
     2nd day: surgery of up to 8 hours.
     3rd day: shampoo for 15 minutes and then the client can go.
     Stitches from strip harvesting:
     Absorbable stitches are not removed.
     Nylon stitches need to be removed 7 days after surgery at Dr. Vong’s office or they can be             removed at any Doctor’s office.

     F.U.E. stitches do not need to be removed.
     Line Thai Micro Hairline: special way of constructing the hairline by micro-drawing the Line             Thai  around the client’s desired area for new hair and his/her forehead skin; “an artist
      at work”. Afterwards, Dr. Vong transplants very fine single hair (15-25 micron diameters in              length) following the line and dots of the Line Thai. This artistry creates a natural looking
      Reasonably priced hotels near Dr. Vong’s office:
      BANGKOK BOUTIQUE HOTEL (2 blocks away)
      SILQ BANGKOK (the hotel will provide a special rate
      for Dr. Vong’s clients) http://www.silqbkk.com/
      Appointment: please allow 2-4 weeks for booking. Even so,
Dr. Vong will do his best to accommodate any clients.
 Office hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm.
 Surgery can be scheduled on the weekends and holidays too!

pre-operative instructions (before surgery)

Medications: please inform us if you are taking any
medicines, vitamin supplements, or other substances on a
regular or non-regular basis; it is important that we know.
 Aspirin & Vitamin E: stop taking at least 2 weeks prior
to your surgery date.
 Herbs, Minoxidil, Finasteride, & Dutasteride: please
discuss with Dr. Vong if you take any of these.
Minoxidil: increases the size of the hair by
stimulating blood supply to the hair root. Minoxidil
can stimulate unwanted hair on the face and body.
Finasteride & Dutasteride: acts with the anti-male
hormone (DHT) by stopping an enzyme 5-alpha
reductase. As a result, any miniature hair on the
scalp can grow longer. It lessens hair loss but
finasteride can cause a loss of sexual desire and
Alcohol: do not consume alcohol for a minimum of 48 hours prior and 24 hours post-surgery

pre-operative instructions (before surgery) continued
 Do not cut your hair: the longer your
hair is, the easier it is to cover/hide
any necessary incisions from surgery.
 The night before your surgery: try
not to worry! The surgical process for
hair transplantation is minor and
relatively painless; therefore, relax
and try to get a good night’s sleep.
 The day of your surgery: shower in
the morning as normal; however, it is
not necessary for you to shampoo your
hair. We will use a special antiseptic
shampoo to cleanse your hair on arrival
at Dr. Vong’s office.
 Dress in comfortable clothes and a
dress shirt with buttons on the front
(avoid T-Shirts). This will minimize
the risk of damaging transplanted hair
follicles upon removal.
 You are allowed a light breakfast;
however, refrain from drinking any
beverages that contain caffeine such
as coffee and tea.
 Should you have a personal preference
to a particular style of hat, cap,
bandana, or turban, please bring it
with you to the center. You will need
to wear this outdoors to protect your
new hair transplantation from the
effects of the sun’s ultra violet rays
and provide you privacy from unwanted
attention by the general public.
Should you wish, Dr. Vong can give you
a bandana free of charge.
 Please arrive on-time to Dr. Vong’s
office for surgery at 7.15 AM.


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