Is Robotic Hair Transplant Better or Worst ?

In this article we are provide the advantage of Human hand hair transplant (FUE method) compare to the new line technology robotic hair transplant.

FUE is done on superficial skin which is very easy to access. Surgical light is perfect for any bald head. Eye hand coordination have no obstruction. In this situation hand movement for extraction along natural follicular curve is much better than any man made machine. Surgical robot or machine is helpful only when machine movement can do better than hand. In Surgery in location which is difficult to put hand in like in prostrate gland to remove prostrate tissue. Hand can not get through the urinary urethra then machine through the tube system can manuever better than hand. Or in gall bladder bed . Both of this area machine is better than hand. So the machine and robot system is better.

On the skin surface for FUE. So far no any machine can beat human hand. No matter how expensive is the machine. Machine and robot is good for advertising only not for operation. Indications for FUE: 1. For one who like very short hair style. 2. FUE can use for repair of many kind of scar. Surgical scar,Burn,Disease scar etc. 3. FUE after Strip harvesting because scalp is too tight . Not very safe to close this scalp.Then FUE But FUE prone to have a white spot. 4. One who do not like strip harvesting. 5. To remove hair follicle from beard ,chest,umbilical pubic or leg need to do FUE. 6. FUE can be done on any size of transplant 500-3000 FU. 7. One who want less invasive surgery.

Disadvantage of FUE: 1. Long surgery 10-12 hr 2. Possible over harvesting ( take too much and too big of the doner area) 3. Need to shave big portion of hair (Doner Area). 4. Possible hypo pigment at the doner area.

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