How does hair develop?

Hairs grow in a hair follicle which is usually about 4 to 5 mm deep into the skin and connected to the tissue through the dermal papilla. These are in contact with blood and lymph vessels that nourish the hair follicles with nutrients and hormones which cause growth to occur. Each hair follicle has an average of 1 to 3 hairs, exceptionally 4, a sebaceous gland and an apocrine gland that is responsible for our typical hair smell. With age and balding process, the number of hairs per follicle decrease from 3 to 2, whilst the diameter of the hair decreases as well. Normal aging cause general thinning of hair. Androgenic  alopecia cause  hair loss on a pattern basis so call pattern hair loss.

Microscopic cross section of hair follicle

Scalp Hair Follicle

Scalp Hair

Four Arrector Pili Muscles

F.U.E Beard Follicles

Anaerobic Cycle

Hair Growing cycle

Hair grow from  a hair follicle.  

      Telogen : Hair follicle rest on the dermal layer of skin(the middle layer )

       Anagen:   Follicle attache to new dermal papilla    and start descend  down to the subcutaneous layer of skin(the inner most layer ). Start the  Anagen phase. Hair follicle start growing and produce hair through the epidermis(the  outter most layer of skin).This phase last about 3-5 years.

     Catagen:  At the end of Anagen . Follicle stop producing hair enter Catagen phase.

dermal papilla become dissloved . Follicle shorten and contract up back to dermal layer.Go to rest enter Telogen again.

    Because Hair Transplant  produce trauma to the hair follicle and bring the follicle out of human body produce very severe injury.When insert the follicle from the holding solution to the recipient bed. Hair follicle stop producing hair and accelerate to Catagen. This Catagen is traumatic catagen.

Different from normal Catagen  . If one pluck this hair or hair fall from this follicle.This  hair will look dysmorphic.

Goal of Hair Transplant is to minimize this trauma and keep hair follicle out of body  time as short as possible.   Only the Anagen phase  hair follicle need normal level of oxygen for metabolism.Very early Anagen ,Telogen  and Catagen  hair follicle need no oxygen for survival so called Anaerobic Metabolism.













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