The Crown Area

The balding crown area is usually significantly larger than the inlets around the front of the face. Transplantation in this area requires much more hair than a procedure performed on the front to acquire the same density. The process of hair loss at the crown almost never stops. As a result, after transplantation the balding crown area can increase in size. Transplantation might be sufficient to cover the area somewhat, but it will usually not result in full density. In cases where there is insufficient donor hair, it is better to save this hair for the front.


To Transplant the crown:

     Follicle in this area can be 1hair,2hair,or 3 hair.

     Follow the natural pattern.:

      Single whorl pattern.



       Double whorl pattern





     Transplant  have to follow whorl part ,front and back.Centrifugal from the center of the whorl. To make the hair growth look natural.

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