LINE THAI template copy from  Hairline of a Thai Monk

Modify LINE THAI  for a natural Hairline of a Thai Monk


Hairline compose of groups of hair random distribute in zone between forehead skin and scalp hair. This random is not any random but have to be in the norm of natural hairline. During  punch era Hair Transplant do not have so much choice . Hairline look very artificial in the past.After evolution of  Follicular Unit Transplant especially single hair unit and  concept of Line Thai Micro hairline.Then hairline become  Natural and very pleasant to the eye.

               To construct new hairline in order to look natural .Hairline have to look natural  not  artificial .

Artificial Line vs. Natural Line:

     Artificial line  is the line  that easily  recognise as unnatural, too intentional ,machine make   .

     Some feature of artificial line:

                  1. Symmetry;   natural line is never symmetry. Exact symmetry is machine made

                   2. Simple line

                   3. Geometric,Arithmetric, Mathematics line   :

                       Straight line,curve line,triangle,circle,,quadrangle

                       Zigzag,Sine wave,logarithm line etc.,

                  4.  Repetition of same object in a row,in sequence ,any predictable line.

     Natural line is the line that happen in nature  very  soft smooth and pleasant  to the eye..

     Some feature of natural line:

1.   Asymmetry 

       If hairline is symmetry then look like machine made .

 2.    Complex line

 3      Natural objects line such as  animal or plant or flower .

 4      Group of animals,Herd

 5.    Portrait

 6.     Scenary

 7.     Mixture of objects

 8.     Chaotic,Heterogenous,multiple groups of animals.

  9.     etc.,

  Natural line is the line that  when one make slits during Hair Transplant  have to follow .In order to get   the   smooth ,soft,and pleasant  look  hairline.

Table:1 comparision

Artificial  Line

Natural line

Some of my templates

Why Line Thai?

              Line Thai is a classical drawing in Thai arts and Craft. Use in any  paint craft,building,construction, temple etc., Line Thai is a way of drawing  that modify the natural objects  into softer,imaginary,fantacy  look.   Add some  feeling to natural object.    Which is help  to soften  line .Important in fine tunning to make new create hairline look smooth,soft and,pleasant. Like natural hairline.


Photo of Line Thai

Line Thai Drawing by Mr.Vudhichai Prommala

“Poh Chang” Art and Craft School Bangkok Thailand

Line Thai Micro Hairline for Crown:

              Same principle of natural looking apply to  hair transplant in crown  .

 Whorls on the crown is not  a perfect circle. Actually  more like  a funny looking bird. If  make slits  follow the picture of the  bird then new hair will look more close to nature.

Principle of Line Thai Micro Hair Line can  apply to any zone between bare skin and hair in order to make the new construct hair look more natural.  For example:

           Beard,Mustache,Side burn,Chest Hair, Pubic hair etc

           Not only between hair and bare skin but  pattern of hair inside the hairline on scalp if use this principle will make the new growing hair look more natural.


       1    Hairline of Thailand monks and nun
             Hair Transplant Forum International 1999
       2    Whorls in Thailand monks and nun
             Hair Transplant Forum International

       3   .Line Thai Micro Hairline, ISHRS 15th Annual meeting Las Vegas
       4.   Line Thai Micro Hairline
             Hair Transplant Forum International page 48: March/April 2008


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