FUT (Strip Harvesting)

By removing a piece of occipital scalp.Occiptal scalp is very resistant to DHT.  After Transplant to the bald area  Follicular Unit will stay and grow hair forever.Then separate or split  Hair Follicular Unit  from this skin  to  Follicular Unit with  1,2,3 hair .

Collagen Fiber Splitting Plane

Collagen Fiber Network

Blunt Hook
Follicular Splitting

Skin crease or minimal tension line,insertion of Arrector pilli muscle

Collagen Fiber Splitting Plane


FUE ,Circular cut all this fiber

To minimized scar,minimized damage to  blood supply of scalp. Harvesting  a strip of occipital scalp  have to separate,or dissect skin along or paralell to the splitting  plane of the collagen fiber (Skin crease ) 

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