1   Part line and Part Peak:

       Hair from the whorl from the back of scalp flow to the forehead  divert to two portion one to the left  and one to the right.   Produce partline and part peak.

      Hair flow  on scalp always have a  divertion  .A point of divertion  see from the front  look like a triangle or  a radiation  or a Part Peak.

An important land mark of hairline. If construction hairline without this Partline and Part Peak hairline will not look natural.

         Partline normally  position commonly at 1,2,3 pm. Uncommonly at midline or 12.00am

         Normally have 1 partline but uncommonly  double partline.

Double part line

Part peak shape look like a triangle or a radiation. Very prominent in any female hairline .Compose with only single   hair unit   or vellus hair.

 2   MID frontal:  

The 2nd most prominent part of the frontal  is the mid frontal region.Mid frontal   produce  straight,  concave,convex,round or,oval shape hairline. Super feminine have  concave hairline. Because of  mild  mid frontal baldness.

          Widow’s peak is at mid line of this mid frontal. Widow's peak can be type 1,2, 3  with or without paramedian  androgenisation.

3   Temporal:

Female have more soft and smooth curvature at the temple  .Shape of hairline at the temple   look like    S curve with full estrogen line  to    L shape to    temporal peak .

4   Sideburn :                       

Compose of  1   hair curve forward or backward in front of the ear.

5   Direction of hair :     

Hair flow from back of scalp forward,down ward. Common direction is downward and rightward. uncommon is upward hair.  


6  Skin crease or minimal tension line:

 Skin crease on scalp have two component. Vertical line and horizontal  line

  Horizontal line  across the forehead.   Vertical line:  Collagen fiber insertion  to the midline of forehead as   v-shape. So if hair grow follow this line  will produce V shape hairline or Widow's peak.         Hair on the hairline grow along skin crease at the intersection of this two line.

7   Vellus hair pattern on forehead:

     Vellus hair Meridian:

     Left side Meridian

     Vellus hair is very small hair at the hairline.From the part line   vellus hair flow down  further.The main stream of vellus hair flow  from the Part line  to medial side of the same side eye brow.This mainstream of vellus hair  is Meridian of vellus hair.   Along side of the Meridian  vellus hair divert to left and right.

     Commonly the Meridian hair direction is downward and originate from left partline to medial side of left eye brow.

Midline Meridian:

           Uncommonly The Meridian  is at the middle of forehead. Hair can flow upward or downward

Parallel Meridian.

Commonly vellus hair will flow down  the same direction like the hair from scalp.This is parallel Meridian.

Opposite  Meridian.

Uncommonly Meridian originate  from the middle of the 2 eye brow and flow upward.This  is opposite Meridian.

8   Opposite Hair :

Can happen for vellus hair flow(oppsite Meridian) and terminal hair flow. Opposite hair for terminal hair:

Because hair of  direction  of hair flow of  the opposite and the parallel will go against each other where the flow meet will produce diamond shape intersection .

         This intersection of opposite hair  not only happen on the forehead but also on chest wall,nape,forearm etc.

        This diamond shape intersection is the  causes of variety of Widow's peak and cow's lick on the forehead.

9 Cow’s Lick:

Right temporal cow’s lick:

        If the opposite meridian flow along vertial  line on the right temporal region(right Meridian).Vellus hair will meet with  the terminal  hair at  the  hairline produce a cow's lick.The diamond interesection is just behind the  cow'slick.

 Midline cow’s lick:

If the opposite Meridian flow up  along midline will produce midline cow’s lick.

    10  Widow's peak:

 10.1    Widow's Peak Type 1

      A common widow's peak in men and women  a triangular shape group of hair at the middle of forehead.The tip is round or pointed.   Hair direction is downward and rightward.

    Common widow's peak or Widow’s peak type 1  is not from the opposite hair but parallel  hair.   Hair grow on the vertical  skin crease  line .

10. 2.  Widow's peak type 2,

This uncommon widow's peak  is a  group of triangular shape hair.

   Hair direction can be straight  upward,or oblique upward, 2 different group of hair.Tip is very point.  Hair grow on the vertical skin crease   line.

    Opposite Meridian  occured both side of midline or just on one side.Hair direction in the Widow's peak   will be upward  and the tip will be very point.       Opposite hair can effect only left side of widow's peak. Hair in this border  zone  will grow upward  and rightward(oblique  up).

    If the opposite hair  flow along left Meridian. Diamond intersection will be in front of the part peak.Vellus hair will flow oblique on the hairline(perpendicular to the meridian).

Hairline hair grow on horizontal skin crease line.Opposite hair will become oblique cow's lick.

 Widow's peak type 2 can   subclassify to.

               2.1 Bilateral of the midline

               2.2 only one side of the mid line

               2.3 Opposite hair on left side of widow'speak only. This is the most common of the type 2

10. 3.    Widow's peak type 3: 

              A complete triangular shape hairline with round tip in both man and woman . Hair grow on the  vertical skin crease  line.

Widow's peak type 3 still can further subdivide to:

           3.1 Commonly hair direction  is downward and rightward.Tip is round.

           3.2 Uncommonly if  compose of opposite  hair.Hair direction is upward .Tip is very point.

           3.3 Very uncommon if opposite hair  effct only the left portion of the peak.The tip can be very point

10.4  Round shape  widow's peak:

          Half   a whorl on hairline.

                If the partline and part peak is  on the round frontal scalp can produce  half of a whorl   on hairline.

          A whorl on hairline:

      If  a diamond shapeof opposite hair  intersection on a hairline on the round surface.       Will    look like a circle.A circle of hair with centre from the tip of part peak .Look like a whorl from the front.

            Double whorl on the hairline.

                  If happen in individual with double partline then will be 2 circle  of hair on the hairline.

10. 5  Combination widow's peak:

   If round shape widow's peak combine with opposite midline hair. The widow's peak will look like a goft ball on the pin.


            What cause and modify   a widow's peak:

            1.Genetic ,Phenotypic  frontal hair pattern .

            2.Aging and degenerating factors

            3. Androgenisation in male or mild androgenisation in female


10.6    Half a Widow’s peak: 

A widow’s peak  is modify by  androgenisation     but the  effect can be very asymmetry or happen unilaterally    produce half  a Widow’s peak.

       Significant of widow's peak:

       1. In construction of female hairline for transgender. Generally these lady do not like to have widow's peak.They think Widow’s peak is male,more strong and aggressive look.She want somethings which is more soft  smooth  and sweet look.

       2. In lady who already have widow's peak. Do not try to completely eliminate it.

     make it  smaller.

          For type 1 widow's peak  .It is possible to change the shape of hairline

      from widow's peak to round  because  hair direction is the same in both

      in the termainal  hair zone and  in the peak zone .

     Type  2  have to  match the  hair direction.

      3. In construction of hairline for baldness. Widow 's peak  can give an illusion of lower hair line.??/But make sure is natural  look.

       4. Widow's peak is good for camouflage scar from previous surgery  on forehead eg. coronal lift,scalp advancement etc.

        Widow's peak Type 2  is my first choice to camouflage scar from  Juri's Flap because  of same hair direction. Widow's peak will make this flap look much more natural.


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