The most sensitive hair on the face. The most

difficult hair to transplant.

   SPF FUE  Very careful extract only the finest hair from the lowest nape  from the back of scalp.

   Then transplant to the eye brow region.In a similar manner as with head hair, eyebrows can be accentuated or embellished. However, eyebrows must be maintained after treatment more than before, because the transplanted head hair continues to grow.

   Anatomy of eye brow.

         Eye brow come from 3 part.

         1.Nasal   This portion of hair is from the nose . Hair is upright because hair is pulling from corrugator muscle.

         2.Frontal   This portion of hair is from the fore head . Hair is oblique because of pulling from frontal muscle

          3 EYE       This portion is from around the eye.Hair is pulling from muscle around the eye

Hair Transplant Dragon's Eye Brow
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