Pubic hair is coarser  and  curlier than  scalp hair but  become  straighter,  longer and finer   after  transplant  because   of  recipient  influence.Growth character of pubic hair change because of control from local enviroment is changing  from pubic area to scalp (recipient site)

Pubic hair is a very good source of donor  hair for  transplant  to bald  area on the scalp. 

   Dermal papilla  of pubic  hair have plenty of androgen receptor and alpha reductase Type 2. Hormone testosterone change by alpha reductase type 2 became  dihydrotestosterone  (DHT)  in  the dermal  papilla.DHT act with androgen raceptors   and Signal matrix cell to produce hair shaft.

   In the  bald scalp hair follicle  DHT signal through androgen  receptors make hair follicle  to diminish in size and finally disappear .So  the  skin become bald.

   After transplant pubic hair to bald skin. DHT will continue stimulate that  new follicle and continue producing hair even on the bald skin.  No more baldness.!!!

   Pubic hair,umbilical hair, chest hair and beard hair  as a source of donor hair  for transplant.

   Chest hair and pubic hair is  short and curve. The end of hair is tapering . After transplant chest hair or pubic hair to the hairline  will produce very smooth and soft looking hairline.

   Beard hair is very thick and hard so it is good for density on the bald area. Because of recipient  influence. Beard  hair become straighter longer and finer after transplant . Can use beard hair even on the front edge of hairline on some patient.

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