Dr. Viroj Vong is a hair transplant specialist who is deeply committed to helping men and women across the globe who are suffering from unwanted baldness caused by stress, heredity, medications, scars, and even burns. With a full understanding of the psychological burden that the condition brings to his patients, he guarantees successful hair transplant procedures that come with a warranty.Specializing in hair transplant, strip harvesting, FUE, natural hairline and body hair transplant, Dr. Vong is the developer of Thai Micro Hairline and a member of the prestigious American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Deeply passionate about his field of expertise, he did not only develop new methods for the treatment of hair diseases and burns but he also published several studies in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Vong completed his American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery Internship in Chicago and New Jersey, United States and four-year residency at Chulalongkorn Hospital in Bangkok. He also earned a Fellowship in Hair Transplant Surgery in 1998 with NHI, Beverly Hills, California.

Education & Training


Mahidol University, Chulalongkorn University 


Chulalongkorn Hospital


Hospital in Chicago, New Jersey


   Fellowship in Hair Transplant Surgery with               NHI, Beverely Hill, California

Research Publications

- 2008, Line Thai Micro Hairline -

Hair Transplant Forum International, (2008, March/April Volume 18, Number 2). Line Thai Micro Hairline

- 1999, Normal Hairline -

Hair Transplant Forum International, (1999, November/December Volume 9, Number 6). Normal Hairline

- 2005, Whorl on scalp of Thai Monk and Nun -

Hair Transplant Forum International, (2005, January/February Volume 15, Number 1). Whorl on scalp of Thai Monk and Nun.

- 2007, Line Thai Micro Hairline (oral presentation)-

ISHRS 15th Annual Meeting Las Vegas, (2007, September 30). Line Thai Micro Hairline (oral presentation)


American Board of Internal Medicine

American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

HHH Hair Transplant

Viroj Vong M.D


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