Stephen Austin, 2013

Wow! 2nd time is a charm! I should have listened to you the first time you did the surgery!!I wish i had done the full 800 hairs at once! Now that the new haris have fully grown, everyone is asking me what I do to look so young! I know I opted for FUT, but honestly nobarber has ever guessed I had hair transplants, you did such a great job. I am going to be seeing you in 2016 for the 3rd round. I am happy I am doing this now and not later in life-- no one notices the hair loss. Big hug to Dr. Viroj see you in 2016!

Ron Smoorenburg, 2019

I am an actor who does a lot of action movies. People know me from the movie 'Who am I?' Jackie Chan.. at that time 20 years ago I was already balding quite heavily. I used all my donor area hair in the back of the scalp to cover as much as I could. Dr Viroj had another solution for me which was taking hair 1 by 1 (FUE) from the beard/neck section. We harvested about 4000+ very thick hairs from here which made my density very very good. This is basically my saviour. I am also on the cover of the facebook page as I am very happy with the result and not shy to tell or expose. It was the best thing I could ever do and I can recommend anyone with hair loss problems to talk to Dr Viroj.

About Dr. Viroj

I have been the hair transplant surgeon for more than 30 years now. With my experience far more than 5,000 case with my own hand, I think you make a right choice for visiting our site and doing some research for you own good.

The process won't be easy and the result might not be perfect and that's the fact, But i could ensure you one thing and that is my passion that make me sticking around in this field for more than 30 years. 

I would like meet with you and share my knowledge to create the best hairline possible.

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